Thursday, October 18, 2012

The Real Independence Trails

Another glorious sun-drenched day where driving through the winding roads lined with golden maple leaves made you just want to burst into song. And as you round upwards and crest over the slopes, you are often rewarded by glimpses of distant periwinkle blue hills.
Today was a very special birthday for our family's matriarch, Phyllis Mae Levesque who is 90 years old. She enjoys reasonably good health, lives in her own apartment, and grumbles about needing to have help to do the laundry because the hill is too steep for her to trudge up to the washroom facility.
This is the gal that gives us a fine role model for keeping your independence and all your marbles! I was pleased to present her with the 1930's Star and Chain reproduction quilt that I named "Happy Days".
That is Phyllis' granddaughter, Michelle, my niece, admiring the quilt. If you had not seen it before, here it is opened up.
And I was such a very good girl...I was right there in Meredith and I did NOT go over into the next town of Center Harbor to Keepsake Quilting!!!

It damn near killed me.


cityquilter grace said...

good for you! unfortunately, i did go to cyndi black's "busy thimble" but was very good, really i was!

Mrs A said...

Lol! How on earth did you resist? The quilt is fantastic, i bet she loves it, well done.

Debra said...

The quilt came out Beautiful Vic. You're too funny!

Beth Probasco said...

Oh Vic! I can completely empathize with you. Passing up Keepsake Quilting!! LOL
Love the Star and Chain quilt and the attitude of Phyllis. Wonderful role model.

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