Monday, October 8, 2012

The Monadnock Show

Yesterday morning I received an email from Sue Trask over at The Quilt Patch quilt shop in Bedford, NH, reminding me that it was the final day of the Monadnock Quilter's Guild Fall Festival of Quilts!

Thank you, Sue! I would've missed it completely if it weren't for you. It is held in Peterboro, New Hampshire which was 127 miles round trip for me.

I went. I walked my feet off. I had a ball!

The featured quilter was a man named John Burnham who is a retired truck driver and does beautiful piecing and quilting.
His quilts filled a room and this is just a sample of what was displayed under his name.
I wanted you to see a close-up shot of the fabrics Burnham used in the quilt on the above left.
Amazing, huh? I had to tear myself away to go look at the other quilts in the show done by the general membership. In this presentation, I have tried really hard to give proper credits to the quilters. But I'm not perfect and I apologize if I have any errors.
Remember, you can double click on any photo to enlarge it to read it better or see the fabrics.

Whenever I go to a quilt show with so many beautiful quilts representing months or even years worth of work, I am awed.
The above happy-looking little quilt was a group project comfort quilt made by their guild.

Who  among us doesn't love the universal appeal of the bright rainbow? Whatever color is your personal favorite, "It's in there!"

The tag on the above quilt was just a hand-lettered "Garden Fresh," legend with no credit to the maker or designer. It shamed me because I own all these garden fabrics and have never done anything with them. Whomever she or he was, they did a great job!

The above quilt truly impressed me with its luminosity and feeling of transparency, even though my first love is for scrappy quilts. The color selection and placement was perfect!
This homespun stripes quilt had a very understated elegance that appealed to me greatly! Sorry it photographs rather blah, but it is lovely.

The linear quilting on this poppy was magnificent, and surprise, another quilter had tackled the same pattern and also had breath-taking results!

Here is a size reference photo:
Hope you enjoyed the show as much as I did! When I left, I was 50% inspired and 50% intimidated. I guess that is a good mix, right?

Lastly, Happy Thanksgiving! to all my very dear Canadian friends. It is also St. Joseph's Day, the patron saint of Poland, so we're having keilbasa and Mrs. T's Pirogis. Yumm-o!


Beth Probasco said...

Wow, there were some awesome quilts by John Burnham. Some of the men do such great quilting. The eye candy looks like it was fabulous! Loved the Poppy and I think I have that pattern. LOL

Sara said...

I feel the same way as you do when I come home from a quilt show - inspired and totally intimidated. Those were some very beautiful quilts!!! Thanks for sharing!

Glady said...

Thanks, Vic! You took some great pictures to share with us, and I really enjoyed seeing all the quilts, especially the close up of the John Burnham quilt. Very unusual combinations and piecing. It reminded me of an Indian blanket design. It's good you didn't miss that show!

Glady said...

Had one more comment to add about the vegetable material. I have all that material too and have only made one bag out of it. Future UFO.

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