Wednesday, October 24, 2012

"Who Cooks For You?"

I learned a little bit about Barred Owls this weekend. One of the police officers here in Gilmanton brought me an injured owl who had flown right into a pick up truck and had a broken wing. This owl seemed conscious and alert, able to stand and move its head to look at me, so I hope it has a good prognosis to recover completely.
The call of the Barred Owl is roughly, "Who cooks for you?" I watched over the bird for two nights until I was finally able to get it to the nearest licensed Wildlife Rehabilitator from the Fish & Game Department.
There is a window screen over the top of the plastic tuff box with an old woolen blanket in it that served as a safe temporary home in my garage.
Raven, my labrador, has to walk through the garage to get out to her dog yard. She spent a lot of time suspiciously sniffing the air there. But I monitored her every move and she politely just went along on her regular constitutionals. Raven knew that something was going on, but that I had impressed upon her that it was not to be her concern.

On a quilty note, I used the companion ruler to cut some more indigo Quarter Square Triangles and sewed and pressed them.
You rotate the ruler to its upside down position to get the next cut.
Although I haven't counted them, I pressed quite a stack.
Here you can see that I was using the indigo QST's as my leader/enders as I sewed four patches and sixteen patches for that Sashing Star quilt from Missouri Star Quilt Company. If you wish to see the tutorial the link is here:
Here is an example of the 16 patch. I need 36 of these and only have about 12 done so far.
I haven't come up with a good name for this quilt yet, so I've just been calling it my Coral Floral.

I chose a pale celadon and ivory background for the sashing with a very bright persimmon red for the corners. This will really make the stars pop!
The photo makes the pale green look very yellow, but it is more greenish and very delicate. It took two yards to make the 60 sashing blocks that are 4 1/2" by 8 1/2". Each corner gets a 2 1/2" square sewn to it and I AM bothering to make the bonus triangles, too. Four corners times sixty blocks is 240, so my progress is pretty slow.
I have about 16 done and pressed. It's fun to make them in sets of four.

Also, I had a weak moment and bought 3 yards of this Blue Hills Sarah Morgan watercolor floral on Ebay. I had been thinking it might work for this quilt but, NO! The blues are all wrong toned.
Oh well, it will work somewhere!


Debra said...

Beautiful Owl Vic! How fortunate you are to be giving the honor of sitting him or her, as lucky as the owl is to have a safe place to rest for awhile. I applaud Raven too, for behaving. Keep us posted please......I Love your floral corals.

Bud and Marsha said...

Vic, great post! You are a quilting powerhouse, BTW. So many big projects ongoing.
I'm pretty sure you had a post about making your own "Best Pressed" type spray. I can't seem to locate it going through our posts. Could you help me out with the post address?


Nancy said...

The owl photograph is amazing. It almost looks like he's a sculpture in there. I hope he's okay.

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