Thursday, July 18, 2013

Animal Farm? Apologies to George Orwell...

Violence erupted today in beautiful downtown Gilmanton Iron Works, New Hampshire. The protests were led by Raven Parkhill, a former Black Panther, now calling herself a Black Lab.

From the bully pulpit of her futon, Miss Raven denounced the overwhelmingly unfair recent practices of , "Too many kitty pictures on this blog!"
She cited several recent posts in her stirring speech;

"Just look at this! And I'm being prevented from chasing them across my own dogyard!" she was heard to say.
Her protest involves a three point program of yawning, hogging the futon, and vigorous shedding, much to the dismay of the other side.
Chief Kitty spokesperson, Spooky Parkhill, denied any wrongdoing, but she did acknowledge that her family found doghair to be offensive. Just listen to what those kittens said.

"Here we are in the super-heated garage drinking milk that turned into yogurt while you are lying in air conditioned splendor", they were heard to say.

The gray squirrels and chipmunks had no comment on the situation, due to several of their groups having been eaten by the cats.

One infrequent visitor, a large doe, appeared on the scene briefly.
Ms. John Doe took a center position

Ms. John Doe seemed to listen to both sides at first, but left promptly when she was referred to as an "outside agitator" by both factions of the protest.
Ms. Doe, now on the far right.

Mistress Victoria, reminded everyone that it is definitely too hot to squabble and dispensed fresh milk for kittens and dog biscuits all around. The protesters were slow to disperse. We will continue to update this story as events unfold in the future.
The "Lie-Down Protester", Miss Raven

We now return you to your regular programming.

This week I finished stuffing my second strippy Quilt-As-You-Go panel in matching Moda Kansas Troubles to the first one I did. I want to fool around with putting two panels together, but the first thing was to get two panels done!
The new one is on the left.
I added a Jo Morton and a couple of Thimbleberries strips, but it is mostly all Cattails & Clover KT.

It started to shower out on the blacktop as I took these photos, so I ran back into the house without trimming off the uneven edges on the new panel. By the way, if you'd like to review the tutorial on just how to make these strippy QAYG panels, the link is here.

Happy sewing!


Elaine Adair said...

Tooo good of a story!!! I started reading, thinking you were headed down the road of a Senior Citizen Protester! LOL

Your temp. at home says 69 degrees - can that be??? Just recently you were dripping sweat onto your quilt in process.

The 2 halves are very interesting - they are looking mighty cozy. Even if temps are now in the 90s, I know the quilts will be needed in 6 mos or so.

Janet O. said...

What a saga! : )
Love the fabrics in your QAYG project!

Auntie Em said...

Too funny!

Helen in the UK said...

Vic you are a hoot!!! Hugs to Raven, poor thing she's feeling left out and needs some more lovin' :)

Debra Robinson said...

Oh, so Funny!! That was great. Love the humor Vic.

Raven is such a beautiful dog, she photographs well. And she's a good girl. Big hugs to Raven please...

Loving your quilt. How can you go wrong with Kansas Troubles fabric??!!!

I promised myself to hand sew 5 flowers made from yoyo's every night while sitting in front of the tv.

Stacey said...

Good morning! You have a terrific sense of humor in these interesting times! I love reading your posts. You are such a busy talented quilter.

Happy Quilting.

Nann said...

Never a dull moment at Park Hill Farm! Thanks for the chuckle.

nhlady said...

Me thinks that this heat has affected all parties involved!

Great post!

Mary said...

Loved your post today!! I will be waiting breathlessly for the update! The two panels look great.

Lori said...

Critter revolt! Dear Raven better not whine too loudly or she can share pictures and living space with the cats--no air, no cushy futon!

I am so jealous seeing your trip to the quilt store that had only civil war repros! Arrgghh. Maybe its a good thing I don't live there.....!

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