Friday, July 26, 2013

Potholders in Production

Hooray! I have received confirmation that I've been accepted for a booth/table space at Gilmanton Old Home Day!

That's where I want to sell my Sawtooth Star (or Variable Star, or Evening Star, depending on who you ask) potholders. Now, wouldn't it have been awful if I had all these made and hadn't gotten into the fair? LOL!
The way I work (play) on these is to keep a stack of various colored 4 1/2" squares off to the left of me, and keep a big stack of both lights and darks in 2 1/2" squares to the right of me. I cut a few of the rectangular 4 1/2" x 2 1/2" bricks in sets of four matching fabrics by stacking four layers of 2 1/2" Width Of Fabric strips. Those become my Flying Geese. I make the FG first, and then have a ball auditioning which fabrics I'm going to select for the center square and the cornerstones.

Although the two above are very similar, no two are just alike. I am always thrilled to see the pieced star go together and I usually admire it by muttering, "Wow, look at that one!" to myself.
I know that I could use the speed piecing method for these geese, but I'm enjoying making the cute little Bonus Triangles from the cut away section. Bonnie Hunter calls them, "Quilt Seeds!" LOL!

If I were to hire child labor to produce these in Pakistan, I still wouldn't be able to charge less for them. But I'd put a brand name on them of "Motley Kitchen." People who need their things in matched sets need not apply to become my customers. I sell only to the scrappy and happy folks. LOL! I charge $6.00 apiece or two for $10.00, step right up!

I have all twenty pieced and a nice little stack of eleven layered and quilted, but I haven't done any bindings yet.
The backings are all the same fabric, so maybe I'm not as scrappy happy as I think. This is a bone and cream bamboo print that I bought years ago from It really won't work in an American Civil War reproduction style quilt and I had three yards of it to move along.
By the way, I stopped using when I became tired of the sleazy way that they package their products for shipping, such that they arrive all skewed and wrinkled. I've learned that Fat Quarter Shop, in Manchaca, Texas is far more to my liking.
Yes, I am a hopeless fabric snob! Cars? nope. Jewelry? nope. People? nope. But fabrics for quilting? You betcha, big boy!!! LOL!

Tanner, with the tan nose and white bib is in back, while Tiger, who has no white at all is in the foreground.  

Happy sewing!


cityquilter grace said...

so when is this fair might i ask? did you have to pay for a table?

Elaine Adair said...

Oh Vic - my potholder sent by a lovely blogging friend is FAMOUS. "Potholder by Motley Kitchen! - I LOVE the name. Thank you again. I'm glad you have the opp. to sell them. Hope they go well!

Glady said...

Your star pattern pot holders are beautiful and the different material really shows off the pattern. You will have a fun day at the fair for sure!

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