Saturday, July 6, 2013

Let Nothing Stop You From Enjoying Yourself!

My goodness, I hope that you all enjoyed a wonderful Fourth of July!
This photo does not reveal the terrible heat and humidity that we are enduring here with temps in the 90's and a dew point over 70. It is so uncomfortable that we stay indoors as much as possible with our two window units of AC.
Yesterday was Friday, but instead of going to the Sunshine Girls at the Alton Senior Center, I went over to join my very dear friend Grace from Maine.

We went on a shopping trip to the Busy Thimble quilt shop in Litchfield, Maine. Here is the link to their  website.  Grace and I had been planning this trip for almost a month and we both had been looking forward to it.
Cyndi Black is the sole proprietor of the Busy Thimble, and the shop specializes in all Civil War and historical fabrics with no others. She is having a sale all this month and this little building that houses the quilt shop (right beside her 40 cow dairy farm) was bustling with business!
I could hardly believe my eyes there was so much to see inside!
The store was crammed with the very latest lines of historical fabrics and the walls were decorated with a plethora of small quilts!
I felt like I had died and gone to heaven it was all so delightful!
I fell head over heels in love with a large bundle of Jo Morton's Spice Market line by Andover! It was so beautiful I had to possess it. Or did it possess me, LOL?
There were 20 fat quarters in the roll for $60 and I bought it! Cyndi gave us a 23% discount for her sale which more than made up for that pesky 5% Maine sales tax! Thanks Cyndi!!!! Here she is:
Grace and I had a fabulous time!

Victoria on the left, and Grace on the right, after working up an appetite!
The shop has so much to inspire a quilter! Look at these quilts.
It's like being in an idea factory!
These log cabins were weensy.
After shopping, we were HUNGRY!!!!
Grace drove me in her wonderfully cool air conditioned car down to South Freeport, Maine for a lobster roll right on the town wharf.

I was so greedy that I wolfed my lobstah roll down before I thought to photograph it, LOL! It was SOOOOOOO GOOD!!

They also served the world's best onion rings, too. It was Grace's treat to me. Thank you, Grace!!!
The place had a funny name that I photographed but it was all overexposed, sorry. But it was fun to see boats come and go while we waited in the crowd for our food. It sure was worth it!
I battled some traffic and terrible heat going home on the 70 mile/two hour drive and my car does not have AC! Grace had kindly given me a frozen bottle of water to take on the journey home. That was a life-saver in the 96 degree heat with a dew point of 69. Yikes, I was glad to get home safely!
Here are the other goodies that came home with me:
If I die tomorrow, I'll be a happy camper 'cause I had so much fun! Instead of flowers, plant these on my grave, LOL!
Happy sewing and stay cool!


cityquilter grace said...

the photos and narrative depict it perfectly! and i love (not) that photo of my posterior....LOL, anyone else would get a tongue lashing from me for that but i will refrain...LOL

Mara said...

Sounds like a fantastic day!

Auntie Em said...

Oh. My. Gosh.
What we quilters won't endure for a good sale! I can't imagine how unbearably hot that ride home must have been.
You're a trooper!

Janet O. said...

Oh, I wish I had time to go to that shop when I come East this Fall, but I don't think that one is going to happen. I love the line of fabrics you bought--they are gorgeous!
Looks like a grand day out, and I hope the drive home wasn't too stressful.

Cyndi said...

Great photography, Victoria! Thanks for your kind words and come back anytime!

Helen in the UK said...

What a brilliant quilt shop - no wonder you thought you were in heaven! Sounds like you were pretty restrained with your purchases, considering!
Love the look of your lunch destination ... nothing beats good food with a lovely watery view. Glad you survived the drive home. We have a heatwave here right now (30C) but nowhere near as humid. Stay cool and carry on quilting :)

Debra Robinson said...

I'm with you Vic, Gorgeous fabrics, too pretty to cut!.....Ugh! It's miserable here, very oppressive & tropical. Kisses to the kitties & Raven.

Nann said...

Maine. July. Perfect combination.
How do you improve on that? Add fabric!

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