Saturday, July 27, 2013

Friday Fun!

First today, let me say that sometimes Blogger has a mind of its own and I cannot figure it out. So if you have placed comments that were not given a private response, or perhaps had your blog's button disappear from my "Blog List", I do apologize.

We are enjoying a bit of a break in the intense heat with temperatures about 20 degrees cooler all around. Yippee! It's much more like New Hampshire now.

Yesterday was the Friday group of the "Sunshine Gang" at the Alton Senior Center. We laughed once again at the brief misty showers in the morning, because we have always said that we make our own sunshine with our smiles!

We are all working on different projects and the conversations seem to center on various quilting issues. Margorie was laying out the pieces for her scrappy baby quilt early on in the session.
We took this photo to use my camera to double check that no pieces were accidentally placed incorrectly.
There is something about the smaller scale of viewing a quilt top with a photo that helps our brains discern any anomalies in the pattern. If you've goofed, the camera sees it! Some quilter's even buy one of those little apartment front door "peepholes" from their hardware store to view their quilt designs. It really works!
We wished we had done that with Sue's big quilt, too, before she got it all assembled, because we found an error in one of the blocks of her blue Lemoyne Star. Sorry I don't have the error recorded, but here is Dorinda working on helping to correct it. Lots of "frog stitching," rippit, rippit!

You can see that Pauline was waving to Gorgiana as she came in and had been helping Sue slice off selvedges from her pieced blue backing.
I had my Featherweight, "Scottie" out and managed to get one round done on my 16 scrappy Civil
War log cabin blocks. Progress is very slow what with all the socializing and eating chocolate between seams. Margy had some preprinted Yoyos to stitch, too.

Pauline and I sat together for lunch and actually ate our Cream of Spinach soup to make up for all that chocolate, LOL Never fear, it was freshly made and it was delicious!

After lunch, Amy Braun, the director of the Alton Senior Center, most graciously allowed me to speak briefly to the group promoting the Belknap Mill Quilter's Guild raffle quilt and sell tickets for it. The group had lots of questions about the size of the quilt, what charities were being advanced by the guild, when was the raffle, and such. I did my best to answer them all and I was rewarded with selling off all my tickets! Yipppee!


Janet O. said...

Glad it is cooling off for you. We are actually about 70 degrees with rain today--haven't seen that in weeks!!
Looks like you do have fun with your Sunshine Gang. : )

cityquilter grace said...

looking good as leader of the pack there vic...

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