Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Pleasant Diversions

The word of the week, or weeks should I say, is MUGGY! I took this picture of my tall phlox before this mornings rain took all the blossoms away when it poured!

They are really too tall for this setting and I've tried to move them twice. I don't get all the roots, so they promptly grow right back! I'm not trying to move them anymore, LOL! They've earned the right to stay. Besides, this location is right by my door and the deer won't come this close to eat them up.

I got distracted doing a few medium-sized HST's for a scrappy Milky Way quilt by Liz Porter, is it? Or Marianne Fons? Do I have them bass-ackwards? It was in a magazine and I bought the magazine but I have misplaced it, temporarily, don't you know?
These I need to match up with four-patches that are 4 1/2" as a unit and they will be 4" finished in the quilt.
They are scrappy, some florals, some Civil War reproduction, some of whatever my fancy moves me to include, LOL!
You can see the four patches there too on the ironing board.
Then I stopped doing those when I got an email for the Old Home Day in Gilmanton and I took a booth to sell a few potholders. Then I decided that I'd better make a few potholders. Ya think?
I made up about a dozen and pressed them nicely with my Rose-scented homemade best press. Each one amazes me as I make it as no two are alike!
I use up my "bad" or "ugly" fabrics on these. Then whenever I see them all made up, I say to myself, "Now why ever did I think that was ugly?"
Quilting is very simple and fun on these! I just do an outline of the star and put an X through the center.
My futon-loving hound, Raven,
had gotten the red quilt pretty dingy. She's awfully fond of taking dust baths outdoors and then coming in and wriggling on the quilt. It's a Labrador thing, I guess.
So I piled the quilt and three backings into my old car to head off to the Loudon laundromat. I won't use my washer because it has an agitator. Here is the quilt all bright and clean after it came home!
Of course, if I'm going all the way into Loudon, that's right near Concord, too, so I might just as well drop in on Nancy Gesen of the Golden Gese Quilt Shoppe, right?
Ahhh, and I love her historicals!
Even better, they were all 20% off for her July sale!
And no shipping charges when you support your local quilt shop, hooray!
The kitties are demanding equal time just because there was a dog picture shown, so here it is:
Happy sewing!
Stay cool and quilt on...


Janet O. said...

I bought the insulated stuff to make some hot pads, but I always forget I have it, so I've yet to make any. Keep reminding me. : )
That quilt does look very clean and happy.
Another quilt shop to try and squeeze into a busy agenda this October. Looks like good stuff!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

What is your secret for growing phlox? I have not been successful in my attempts

Your quilts are beautiful

cityquilter grace said...

love your potholders...and more fabric? i'm off to cyndi's today....so i'm getting some too...LOL...don't forget august 1st, tentative depending on weather of course

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