Monday, July 1, 2013

New Hampshire Troubles

I am sorry to report that three of the four kittens have disappeared and have been gone for three days. We have fisher cats and eastern coyotes on this property so I fear the very worst. Here is the last picture that I have of all four kittens with their mother.

Spooky, the mother cat, comes by twice a day to continue to nurse her last baby, Tipper. Tipper, like the others were, is eating solid food and lapping milk just fine. I am heartsick at the loss of the others.

In the meantime, I have been enjoying cutting out more 5" tumblers and sewing them together mindlessly into rows. The mindless part kinda got me into trouble! Somehow, I got rows that could not be sewn together. When you do a tumbler quilt top, there must be "A" rows and "B" rows so that they line up and play nicely. Here are an "A" row and a "B" row sewn together to make a paired double row.

I want to show you the two ends of the same row, side by side. These rows both have 21 tumbler units. I think that maybe you must select an UNEVEN number when making a row, but I'm not sure.

The only way I was able to figure it all out was to make my bed and spread out the pieces in rows to make my corrections.
There are many repeats of fabrics in this, so it is not a charm quilt with every one different. So far, this second tumbler quilt is larger than my first one, but I only have rows sewn into long pairs and have yet to join the paired rows. It is 18 rows of 21 tumbler units per row so far. I think that I might like to make another pair of rows to make it 20 rows.
My bed is a standard Queen size and I like the way the width is draped over the side. I'm still poking along on it.
And on Friday, I met again with the Sunshine Girls at the Alton Senior Center to enjoy some time with quilty comrades. I don't like fish so I did not stay for lunch this time as salmon was on the menu. But I had a great time with Scottie, my Scotland-made Singer Featherweight.
I sewed another round onto my 16 log cabin blocks. As you can see, I had gotten a haircut this week too!
Happy sewing


cityquilter grace said...

gorgeous tumblers! and with this weather, i understand the haircut totally...counting down til friday...LOL

Janet O. said...

I absolutely love the tumbler quilt, Vic!
Oh, so sorry about the kitties. That is sad.

Debra Robinson said...

Oh no. Poor babies. We have fisher cats & coyotes here to. They come right thru our property. Keep us posted............Love your colorful tumblers! I have the 2 1/2" template I want to play with. Perfect with a mini charm pack......I'm going to my 1st Shop Hop this October. I'm so excited! Should be fun.....Stay cool..

Beth in MN said...

Oh Vic, So sorry about the babies. Love the tumbler quilt. I have one mostly cut out but that is all. It is another UFO!! LOL You are doing much better than I am. Glad those Sunshine Gals are providing some good "girly, quilty" fun. Hugs,

cityquilter grace said...

my mother's neighbor had her cats taken by foxes too..

nhlady said...

ARGH!!!! I loved watching those kittens in your posts! I'm hoping they return. Call me Pollyanna.


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