Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Big Easy

The heat and humidity are unrelieved. My two little window AC units struggle valiantly to make the air more pleasant, cooler and drier, and I'm mighty grateful for them. I went out at sundown yesterday, hoping to trim my big 96" X 99" Easy Street in the cooler air of the dusk.

WRONG! It was so hot and humid even at that late hour of 8:15pm that my head began to sweat so profusely that I was dripping onto the quilt. UGH!!! I detest summer's heat. Make it snow!!!!

Here is the quilt before trimming.

By the way, I am absolutely clueless and mystified at how a SQUARE quilt got to be a whole three inches off it's length. If you look up at the image above, you can even see the left corner's splice of a bit of batting.

The backing that I chose was a 108" quilt backing that I think that I got on a sale from Hancock's of Paducah. It's a strawflower design in red and black on a beige background designed by Judie Rothermel for Marcus.
We used turkey red thread in both the bottom and top and I think that it helped to tone down all that green a bit and it shows nicely on the tans and beiges.

This quilt still overwhelms me with it's busy-ness; there's a lot going on here!

I'm glad that I stuck with my choice of Baptist Fans.

The binding will be the same burgundy as the two inch squares in the little four-patches and on the inner border. I did finally get it all trimmed!

It is an amazing quilt and I love it! Thank you so much, Bonnie K. Hunter of If you are a reader of mine who loves this quilt, then you MUST buy her next book where the instructions will appear. It isn't out yet, so I don't know what the title will be yet.

Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

What a beauty, Vic. I love it!

Maureen said...

I love it, too! It's a good busy!

Elaine Adair said...

OMGosh, it IS a beauty -- LOVE the quilting thread, red, and also the Baptist Fan design. What a huge job - do YOU love it, busyness and all?

I always LOVE the quilts with a zillion fabrics - would love this one as well. Be proud - it's gorgeous and what fun to relive all those fabrics.

Helen in the UK said...

STUNNING! You are rightly proud of a great quilt. Good choice of backing, thread and quilting pattern. Most of all you should be extremely proud that you did it ALL yourself on such a huge quilt :)

Beth in MN said...

Vic, Your quilt is absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! Your civil war fabrics give it such a wonderful scrappy look.

Sure can empathize with the hot temps. We have 90+ degrees even here in Minnesota. Thank goodness for A/C.

Unknown said...

Beautiful! Love your colors and fabric. I just cut more strips for step one. Plus I'm working on Orca Bay and Double Delight. Stay cool!

Gayle said...

I think there are a LOT of us who dislike summer because of the extreme heat - at least here in Utah we rarely have to deal with high humidity too.

Your Easy Street is gorgeous - I still have a handful of blocks to make and haven't worked on it in several months - sigh....

cityquilter grace said...

i do love it...gorgeous!

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