Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Beware Of Labrador Disease?

Some very warm and humid days are keeping me mostly indoors hugging my two window AC units!

We joke about "Labrador Disease" here. That's when my two lady Labrador Retrievers feel all playful and energetic inside with the AC and start demanding to go out to play.
Then, they get out into the furnace-like outdoors and they almost collapse from the heat. I let them sunbathe a little and then I get them back inside.

These are some of my finished potholders for the fair on Saturday at the Gilmanton Olde Home Day.

I'm using some scrappy bindings on them.

Miss Tanner wasn't very impressed with them, so she turned her back and played it cool.

My background fabric is a pretty Jo Morton by Andover with teal and orange vines on cream.

If you are interested in a garden fresh idea for a summer supper, try this!
Make up a big batch of your favorite Chili recipe, and add two or three of those uber-sized summer squashes (you know, the ones that got hidden under a leaf and then got way too big?). Just cut them up into bite-sized pieces. Delicious and much lighter fare than a winter chili.

Today was The Sunshine Club over at the senior center. Sue and Margie and I had lots of fun chatting and chomping down a few chocolates. Our favorite is Hersey's Milk Chocolate Nuggets!

I sewed on my rows of the Jacob's Ladder, trying hard to match up seams as I went.

There were only five seams for the six rows, but they took forty forevers.

Just before our Ham Slice, Potato Salad, and Beans, lunch was served for us at the Senior Center, I was able to finish the fifth seam. YEAY!!!

Now to set to work on some more of those 4-Patch borders that I had planned!

Meanwhile, outdoors at The Alton Senior Center, in Alton, New Hampshire, the summer construction crews were hard at work on the foundation for the new addition to our building. Cool, eh?

And yes, Miss Emma Lynne DID finally wake up from her nap on my back deck, LOL!

Stay cool and happy quilting!


Janet O. said...

The potholders look good. I hope they sell well.
Good job getting those rows together. : )
Keep cool!

cityquilter grace said...

very nice potholders, crossing fingers they ALL sell...

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