Monday, August 11, 2014

Vanity Of Vanities

Oh, happy day, my quilts did not sell!
LOL! I know that I put them into Keepsake Quilting's First Annual Outdoor quilt show, but I didn't really want to part with them!! One was my Calliope Music, at 92"X104", priced for $910.

This is such a pretty quilt! Here it is up closer.

The second quilt of mine that I offered was Easy Street, which is 96"X96", and quilted by me with Baptist Fans.

I listed Easy Street at $1,560.00. If it had sold, I think that I would've cried. Who am I kidding?

I love my quilts! How could I ever part with them? These are both Bonnie K. Hunter designs and here is her blog. I could spend a lifetime making her wonderfully crafted patterns!

Ahh, but when I was there at The Mothership to pick up my quilts, a few yards from the outlet store called to me, "Victoria, Victoria...come know you want me..."

The shop wasn't too crowded so I only waited a minute or two at the cutting desk.

I loved the tie-up ribbon that Laurel chose for me, it was CROSSROADS!!! That's from the quilt that I just finished, LOL!

Here's the neat loot inside!

Each was a one yard piece and each was $5.99, so I escaped for only $30, LOL!! Next is a terrible picture of a wonderful fabric's selvedge.

I guess it's time to make more potholders, at least I don't mind selling those, LOL! I have none left!

Raven is about the same, healthwise, so we take it one day at a time. She sure is funny when she sleeps, though. Who could hold this pose?

Treasure every moment and,
Happy sewing!


Janet O. said...

Those are both such beautiful quilts! You'd better be careful--someday one will sell and then what would you do?
Nice fabrics--they sure called to you loudly from the outlet store! : )

GCPiecemakers said...

Putting a quilt up for sale brings to mind the old adage: Be careful what you wish for; you just might get it. Those quilts are lovely--you do wonderful work!

Kim in KY

Debby said...

Love the pose of the pup on the quilt.

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