Thursday, August 21, 2014

Marcus Sew Along Blocks

Monday, while waiting for the veterinarian to return my calls, I pulled some ALL Marcus Brothers fabrics for the third block of their Sew Along. If you want to play, here is the link to Marcus Brothers.
A cream background stripe;

Then a red, but I struggled with which one. These were the rejects for this block, but I like them and may use them yet in another block down the road.

So the red that I did use was this one below. It is a red with sugar pink flowers and sage green vines. I'm such a sucker for a pretty floral!!!LOL!

Then came a cheddar

And a black. I know, I know, again with the florals, but I do love them.

What I love about Marcus' lines of fabric is that I can buy them online with great confidence; they are always top quality goods with signed designations of historical authenticity. That's important to a fabric snob and fabric collector like me!
This green was just perfect! But I had less than a fat quarter so it was hard to take the plunge and cut it.

Geez, I must've hoarded that green for forty forevers because now Paula Barnes is Red Crinoline Quilts.
It surely was therapeutic to sew along with Sarah Maxwell's (from Homestead Hearth) great directions for the third block. I did choose to use my favorite method to make the HST's, using an old trusty Omnigrid #96 Right Triangle ruler.

I cut the stacked fabrics right sides together so they are ready to rock'n'roll as soon as I carry them over to the sewing machine.

After the chain piecing is done, the strand is laid out for pressing to set the seams, and then to press open.

I chose to make extras as I went along.

They were great fun to play with but I decided to just stick with Sarah Maxwell's block design.

I love this block!! But I have no idea what it is called, traditionally. If you know, would you please leave a comment to tell me? Thanks!

I had just enough HST units to make a second block.

Isn't it great when your blocks come out terrific? Yeay!

Happy sewing


Janet O. said...

Great blocks, Vic! You make two of each and I download the patterns and watch. : )
Wonderful fabric choices, my friend!

Feathers in my Nest said...

Ditto! Gorgeous 100%...I'll download & stay on top of your progress...(I'm behind on 2 of my 5 bom's already..Ha.)Hugs.

cityquilter grace said...

looking good there vic....ready for the next one tomorrow!

justducky65 said...

I too am a sucker for Marcus Bros fabrics and know exactly what you mean about not wanting to cut into a piece of fabric that you only have a little of. You know what I do? I try to find more of it (if I can) so that I have another piece on hand after I cut into the first piece! I think your block turned out lovely and with a bonus one to boot!

J Barham said...

Love the colors you are picking to sew together.

Anonymous said...

Great fabric choices.

Gayle said...

Looks good so far! I've only made the first block, so I have some catching up to do!

Vic in NH said...

Thanks everybody! Vic in NH

Kate said...

Beautiful blocks! I love your fabric choices!

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