Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Coming Along Nicely

One thing that I've been cooking along on, has been my swapped out units of 4-Patches and HST's that make up my Jacob's Ladder scrappy blocks. After collecting and putting together 36 of them, I chose a cool morning that was windless to lay them out.

I had planned to do the barn-raising layout pattern all along, so I really didn't play with alternative sets. It was just an exercise in making sure that there were not too many of one color all clumped up.

I label the first blocks of each row across as 1 through 6 by pinning on a slip of paper in the upper left corner of those first six blocks. The numbers run down the columns. Then I painstakingly pick up each of the across rows by placing the stack on top of the next one to the right. I wind up with the six across stacks looking like this:

Each of the above pictured stacks is now labeled with the pinned number on the top block. I grab each one, keeping #1 on top and stack the six piles offset just a wee bit. Works for me!

I also enjoyed myself digging into some of my new fabrics to make my precious Sawtooth stars, wheee! I love these! Sawtooth Stars are my "go-to" fun block.

These are 8 1/2" blocks with a 4 1/2" square in the center and 2 1/2" squares in the corners.

Each one is its own little world, like a microcosm.

They are my little value studies.

If they don't quite work, they go into the "Potholder Pile."

Hope you can avoid the "torrid & horrid" weather and stay cool!

Happy quilting!


Feathers in my Nest said...

I love Star blocks too...beautiful fabrics as always.....I'm not going outside tomorrow at all!

cityquilter grace said...

gee your jacob's ladder is gorgeous and your quilting abilities have skyrocketed in the short time we have known each other...and sawtooth stars? what's NOT to like!

straythreads said...

beautiful jacobs ladder quilt!! isn't it fun the way the look of the blocks changes when the lights and darks are arranged differently

Maureen said...

Love these scrappy blocks. I've wanted to make a jacobs ladder for a long time.

Maureen said...

Love these scrappy blocks. I've wanted to make a jacobs ladder for a long time.

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