Monday, July 28, 2014

Swinging Along

Yesterday I braved the tropical downpours to stop in at Joann's. I bought 2 1/2 yards of Insul-Bright batting for my upcoming batch of potholders. I had a 40% coupon that was worthless when I got to the register because the batting was a dollar off per yard on sale, making it ineligible for a coupon.

Sometimes, Joann's is just a study in frustration; not enough clerks, long lines at both the cutting desk and the checkout, and worst of all, you NEVER know ahead of time what an item costs because there is so much sales confusion. I spent $18.20 and escaped as quickly as possible! UGH.

On a happier note, I found another sweet treasure to put into the August 1st drawing for the giveaway! It is a soft peach colored cotton knitted dishcloth made by my friend, Shirley. I hope she doesn't mind my "re-gifting it" as they used to say on Seinfeld.

On the farm front, a suddenly leaking ball-flap inside my toilet caused us a lot of travail. It ran our well dry yesterday afternoon. "Husband Wonderful," Felix, did a great job of cleaning out the tank of the toilet to be able to repair the seal. What a mess from all the blue dye of the toilet tablet cleaner!

After it was repaired, we held our breath with the circuit breaker thrown into the "off" position on the well. That was to spare the pump from burning out from over-pumping when the well was dry.

For three adults, six or eight hours with no running water nor flush toilet is a nightmare. But by bedtime around midnight, we had 49 Pounds Per Square Inch of water pressure! Perfect! Thank you, God! Now we are all back to normal.

I did get a few strips sewn to do some piecing of those four-patches that I'm going to need for the Jacob's Ladder quilt.

That Kansas Troubles dark shown above is blue, not black, by the way. It was fun to do some mindless piecing!

I also cut up a very large irregular scrap that had been given to me by Ellen Peters. It was a pretty pink, sort of Calamine lotion colored and I got it evened up into usable sizes. I think that someone had made a garment from it previously.

Some were 2 1/2" squares and just a few 2" squares, with odds going into the crumbs bin and unusable bits into the "stuff-an-old-sock-and-knot-it" dog toy bin. It seemed that my cutter was dull. A quick look at my date sticker on the back of my handle revealed that the blade was last replaced in April! Wow, time for a new blade! Thank you, Felix!

My six rows of Jacob's Ladder never did get sewn together today.

And I do not want to do them on "Scottie," (my Scotland made Featherweight) which is what I'll be using at The Sunshine Club tomorrow.

Perhaps I'll just work on hand-hemming the Lost & Found quilt there. Here are the last three Sawtooth Stars that I churned out today.

These were extra scrappy with pairs of flying geese.

The one above is my favorite!

I wonder if anyone will buy a pink potholder? We'll see!

Happy quilting!


Janet O. said...

JoAnn can make you want to tear your hair out sometimes, but at the same time, I don't know what I'd do without them for all of the quilting gadgets I get with their coupons.
Pretty dishcloth.
You get so much done while I sit and struggle to decide where to start! : )

antique quilter said...

love the jacobs ladder quilt I have been making 4 patch blocks for one lately….someday it will get done!

Lori said...

The knitted dishcloths are the best!

Cathy said...

Love the Jacob's Ladder. I see some of my wild swapped HSTs and 4Ps in there. Isn't it fun how all the fabrics play so nicely together?

BTW, you always look like you are having such fun over here. I don't have much time to blog hop but I do peek in every once in a while. I'm waiting for my pickled beets in the canner so doing a little blog visiting for the next 30 minutes.

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