Thursday, July 31, 2014

Putting July To Bed

Today is just a quick post celebrating the end of July. Good riddance to too hot weather and I hope August might be better.
So far our toilet and well are still functioning and I did a load of wash, wheee! Ahhh, the luxuries of clean water!

Forgot to take pictures when I stopped into Evergreen Country Primitives quilt shop for the Row by Row Experience link pattern, but here's what I picked up there.

This lovely (above) is First Ladies by Nancy Gere. It was from Windham and it has hints of eggplant purple in the flowers. Is that called "aubergine"?
She designed the next pick also, a wonderfully saturated indigo from the same collection. In the photo, the flowers look white, but they are an antique tan.

Those two were half yard cuts, as was this pretty Judie Rothemel Dressing Gowns by Marcus Brothers.

Lastly was a yard of this Cumberland oxblood red with a tea-bag tan floral that looks so rich!

When I was last at Marden's, there was this patriotic primitives book of quilt ideas, so I'm putting it into the pot as the last item for the giveaway to be drawn tomorrow.

Happy Quilting!


Crickets Corner said...

Looks like you did good on your purchases, really love the Cumberland oxblood red fabric. Hopefully I'll make it back est this fall and get to experience Marden's for the first time.

Janet O. said...

You have great taste in fabric, Vic--my taste! *LOL*
You have put so much in your giveaway, I've lost track of it all. Very generous. : )

Kathy H said...

Love that red fabric especially. Will work great for one of the patriotic patterns.

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