Friday, July 18, 2014

Shop-hoppers and Grasshoppers

Silly me, I forgot the camera when I went today to The Golden Gese Quilt Shop (22 Liberty Street in Concord, New Hampshire) to  shamelessly show off my most recent finish, that Muddy Milky Way.

Kate, Maureen and Sue were there and they all loved it! The shop was crowded with happy shop-hoppers so parking was at a premium.
We passed around some chocolates and Maureen took some pictures for me to share later when she emails them to me. (Edit- If I can figure out how to unzip a compressed file, here they are!)
Oops! Blogger/Google will not upload a zipped file, sorry!-VCP
She also had a whole bag of an unfinished Civil War project to give to me! Wheeee! Aren't these precious? THANK YOU, Maureen!

Of course, with the 20% off everything in the store, I chose some pretty neutrals. The two on the left were one yard minimum cuts, but were priced at $4.50 per yard. On the right are my two half yard cuts for 20% off the regular price of $10.80. These are nice prices and no shipping, YEAY!

Then I couldn't resist some of their lovely Fat Quarters and I picked out seven of them. But I thought that an uneven number might be unlucky, so I went back and grabbed an eighth FQ, LOL! Can't risk bad luck now, can we?

What surprised me was that four of the eight were Kim Diehl, from both her Vintage Farmhouse collection, and one (the teal, I think,) was from Perfect Pairings. I really love them!

Miss Tanner was playing nonchalant as she posed for this picture.

But Mr. Tipper, who had been lying in the tall green weeds hunting grasshoppers, made a big run for it!

EEEEEEK!      It's that horrid man with the noise machine, RUN!!!

I hope you had a fun-filled day and caught the lovely scent of newly mown lawn somewhere, too.

Happy quilting!


swooze said...

Muddy makes it sound like you are unhappy with it. Call it Chocolate Milky

cityquilter grace said...

very nice haul...and a UFO, pretty fabrics!

Kate said...

It was great fun seeing you today, Vic, as always! I'm glad you made it. Don't be a stranger! Every Friday, rain or shine, we're there, sewing our little fingers to the bone! :-)

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