Sunday, July 13, 2014

The Muddy Milky Way Quilt

Now, I know that with my two active lady labradors, a muddy quilt is often a reality. But this time, I'm referring to the medium tans in my "lights" selections.

There are several places where the pattern of the Milky Way is very slow to emerge (as you look at the quilt in person) due to some mediums that crept into my colors. The overall effect is subtle and scrappy and I love it!
The reason that I have such a fast finish on this for the binding is that I read on Jo Kramer's blog about how she likes machine binding now. With Jo's encouraging post, I went over to Judy Laquidara's blog for the recommended tutorial.
It took me about 2 1/2 hours to complete the binding and I'm glad that I took my sweet time to do it. Think of how much faster that is compared to days of hand sewing the hem.

I think that it looks fairly neat. It is not as perfect as a hand sewn binding, but it is just right for a scrappy hard-wearing quilt. There were a few places where I skipped getting the underneath layer but I just went back over it afterwards with the machine. Here is a sample of what the backside looks like:

I also had fun using up the contents of my previously overflowing binding-ends basket. So the binding is as scrappy as the quilt, wheee! I had never done one of these before, as all scrappy, that is.

When I showed Husband Wonderful my big loopy spirals of quilting on this, he dared to wrinkle his nose and opined that my hearts and loops quilting is nicer. Tough room!

I don't have any particular destination for the piece, and I like it so I may just keep it! Miss Tanner decided to wander through the photo opportunity, and she likes it, too!

This means that my quilt has two "firsts-for-me!" Once for an all scrappy binding, and secondly for an all machine sewn binding.

As for those of you who have most kindly inquired about Miss Raven, we still aren't sure if her liver is now functioning more normally or not. She is still losing weight as we pack three meals a day of canned chicken and homemade brown rice into her. Her second blood test results are due back on Monday, tomorrow.
I'll let you know when I know more.

Happy quilting!


J Barham said...

I really like your new Milky Way quilt. I'm glad you explored a different way to do binding. I've been doing this the new way for a few years. Keep quilting! Joyce B.

Janet O. said...

Love the muddiness, Vic. I need to be brave and try it. I have used some "almost medium" backgrounds and then I get nervous and don't go any farther. : )
This is gorgeous--and that is the perfect binding. I did one like that once on a scrap quilt. I have been saving the binding bits and pieces ever since, but forget to ever use them.
Hope Raven will be okay!

Maureen said...

I love this quilt, too! I think the variation in contrast makes it more interesting. Hope you get a good report on Miss Rave.

Kay said...

Love your quilt!! With just about every quilt I make I hope to try to learn something new. I love that there is no end to what one can learn while quilting. I'm never bored. I hope for some good news for Raven. Love seeing Miss Tanner.

cityquilter grace said...

sheesh everyone's a critic...tell felix it's a process....and it is a lovely quilt for sure...good for you for 2 firsts...and poor raven, keep us posted...

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