Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Off To The Races?

When The Sunshine Club met yesterday, it was almost, "Off To The Races," the jelly roll races, that is, LOL! Although we surely were not racing, both Sue and I were sewing on our respective jelly rolls.

Mine was a delightfully cool themed line called "Snowbird" from Laundry Basket Quilts by Moda. The creams and delft blues helped to forget the torrid and horrid weather! You can see in the above picture that I had already bias-joined all of the forty ends and had begun sewing the long seams.

The constant sewing made me worry a little bit about the possibility of overheating "Scottie" my cute Scotland made Featherweight. No problem! I just got up more often to help myself to the free decaf brewed coffee at the Alton Senior Center. The breaks were good for Scottie and for me, too!

Thanks, Sue, for taking my picture and lowering the window shade against the blinding sun glare. Sue was using a half jelly of 20 strips of luscious tropical solids. She admitted that it was hard to let go of the planning and do something random.

She's a trooper. She chomped some chocolate and quilted on! Long before I got done, Sue had her strips joined.

It looked terrific, all bright and happy, but Sue worried that perhaps it wasn't big enough. She tried placing it on her lap to see how it might work. Definitely too small!

Then she remembered that she still had a nice big hunk of that purple blender fabric leftover from when she made the Tumbler's backing. Big borders, here we come! Yippee!

I offered my cutting mat that you see above, propped up on the chair, but Sue found her own way to cut using the fold and careful measurements with my steel tape. When she's got an idea, she's unstoppable! Way to go, Sue!

I stayed out of her way and soon she had four borders sewn on and looking good! I think that she said that she's planning to hand quilt this one.

Our Senior Center Director, Roney  (pronounced, row NAY) came over from the kitchen where she had been fixing our delicious lunch to admire Sue's handiwork.

As for me, I finally got to the end of my 1600 inches and had a top, too! The colors are just lovely!

They really are soft blues and creams and not greenish as in this photo.

I hope that you get something done today that gives you the satisfaction that you deserve; and I mean that in a good way, LOL!

Happy quilting!


Rockester said...

Love the colors in yours Vic!
Kathy Aho in MN

Janet said...

Yours is pretty but I LOVE Sue's. Just my kind of happy bright colours.

Glady said...

I enjoyed your post, Vic. Those jelly roll quilts are fun and I love how they all come out random and different. I have made two, a fall one and a black, white and grey one. Thanks for the encouragement to finish a project. I need that since I have too many ufo's around here.

swooze said...

I'm not usually a jelly roll race fan but these are girgeousM

swooze said...

I'm not usually a jelly roll race fan but these are girgeousM

Beth in MN said...

I absolutely love the colors in your quilt. I am sure it helped to "cool" the outside temps!! The diagonal lines in the pieced strips adds wonderful interest. Beautiful! Think I will have to make one of these.

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