Monday, July 14, 2014

Downs and Ups

Today the news on Raven was discouraging. In the two weeks that she has been taking antibiotics, the readings on her liver function have gone "off the chart" in a bad direction.

Our wonderful vet wants to try one more round of a different antibiotic to see if she might respond better to it. So she has two weeks on the new stuff.

On a happier note, Miss Emma Lynn celebrated her 5th birthday today, although she has been with us for less than a year. She loves chomping on her presents, the nice new tennis balls!

It was too hot to be very motivated today, but I did take two pictures quickly of my progress on my Twinkler variation.

Breezes kept fussing with my photo shoot, so I decided to risk stretching the flimsy by hanging it on the line so you could see it better. Then I was so hot that I hurried back indoors to the AC!

The top, so far, is 70"x70", but I want to put wide borders on it to make it bigger. The perfect fabric for the borders was on sale at Hancock's Of Paducah, but it still hasn't arrived here yet. It is a brown floral stripe by Jan Patek from the line called "Crossroads" by Moda.

The wide sashing with the twinkle points on the cornerstones was my own idea and I'm loving the way it is turning out! And it's hard to see it in the picture, but I ran out of the sashing material.

It was time to shop my stash and I substituted something that was fairly close. Those 2 1/2" inner borders are a different fabric and two of the sashes in the middle of the left side were the tony's, LOL! Try clicking on the picture to enlarge it to see if you can tell.

Remember I said that my binding scraps basket had been overflowing? Well, here is what it looks like today AFTER I used 300" from it on that Muddy Milky Way that had the scrappy binding. Sheesh!

Time to make more potholders!

I poked along on making some components for the upcoming Block_swappers August trades, too. I even broke down and used some of my Civil War stuff just cause I wanted to work with it!

The cute little pinwheels are Leader/Enders from bonus triangles. Maybe I'll try a doll quilt with them?

Hope you are staying on track better than I am and staying cool!

Happy quilting!


Kate said...

It all looks great, Vic! You certainly get a lot done! I'm sorry the news wasn't better about Raven. Here's hoping the new meds do the trick!

Auntie Em said...

The Twinkler quilt is very Twinkly with the way you did the sashing. Looks very nice.

I hope the new meds for Raven are the answer to her problem, and Happy Birthdat to Miss Emma.

Janet O. said...

On track? What does that mean? *LOL*
Love your twinkler variation, Vic!
I hope you see some improvement in Raven now!

Janet said...

Lots going on in your sewing room! I have a bunch of leader/ender pin wheel blocks from scraps too. One day they will become a quilt.

Feathers in my Nest said...

Oh, I will continue to Pray & send positive thoughts your way for Raven..the Sweetheart has been through too much...Big kisses & Hugs for her please..

cityquilter grace said...

so sorry to hear about raven...but your twinkler quilt is gorgeous, can't wait to see the border fabric! you mean you didn't have anything that would work....LOL

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