Monday, December 29, 2014

Happy 5th Day of Christmas!

Here's a quick report on my progress on Step 5 of the Bonnie K. Hunter mystery, Grand Illusion for the Monday morning Linky Party.
It's a little embarrassing to not be finished with it, because it is the most easy yet! I used that pale English Oak by Moda in spite of the poor contrast with the yellow.

You can see some of my teal and yellow blocks up in the left-hand corner there. If the pink is too pale for the quilt, I can always re-do that part of the step, as it is only 4 units.

Other people like to make crumb blocks with pieces of scraps that are really small. But I love to make crumb sachets using potpourri to fill them with the heady scents of either French Lavender, Victorian Rose Petals, or the Christmasy Balsam Fir Needles. My sewing station always smells wonderful!!

Yesterday, I grabbed my girlfriend, Frances, and we took a sachet to Matthew's Dad, John, who lives in a nursing home.

We had a ball singing a few carols, hymns and children's songs from Sunday School. I teased Frances about flirting with younger men and called her a "cougar," LOL! She will be 99 on March 8th, and he is only 86.

We had also brought a dish of glass pebbles and some paperwhite bulbs to start in water on John's window ledge but I forgot to take a picture of that.

Soon John decided that he liked Frances enough to allow her to try on his favorite Veteran's hat honoring his service in both World War II and the Korean War. It was a grand visit!

Back at the farm, the two kitties have been all around and in and out.

Mr. Tipper (called that for the pigment on the tip of his nose) and Miss Tanner (whose nose is all tan) are staying cozy warm in their wigwam made of folded-double thickness army blankets draped over their heated cat bed. Getting a picture is often problematic, LOL! Here's Tanner!

Now where is Miss Emma Lynne?

Why, Miss Emma is cuddling on the futon, of course!

Have some fun on this happy 5th Day of Christmas!


TLC said...

Happy 5th day of Christmas. Looks like you had a fantastic time singing carols. My colors are very subdued with minimal contrast too. It's part of using up what I have stashed away and having fun getting caught up in the mystery fun.

Janet O. said...

Looks like Frances and John had a great time. So good of you to visit him and take him a bit of cheer with the bulbs that bring some life and scent to his room!

Vireya said...

There's still a few days before the next clue, so I don't think you will have difficulty getting them all done. Maybe you have already!

Feathers in my Nest said...

You are such a hoot Vic! Love your sense of humor, always have. ...There are my 2 sweeties!!! Oh, what a grand life the 3 of them have..Bless you. Your units are looking mighty fine...

R & E said...

LOTS to comment on - I want to know why some of my comments are returned so I'm including this note (Feedly)

LOL Lovely to visit the folks - I liked the idea of the spring bulbs on the window sill - great idea!!!

Happy New Year.

Beth in MN said...

Loved that Frances (the cougar - LOL) and you had such a good visit with John. Just too cute and brought a smile.
Vic, I always love seeing your fabric choices because they are so different from mine. Since I have just barely started Grand Illusion Mystery, you are way ahead.
Hugs and Happy New Year,

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