Monday, December 15, 2014

Tis The Season To Be Jolly!

One of my favorite expressions is one I made up myself.

"If it weren't for the last minute, some thing just wouldn't get done at all!"

So it was this morning, when I slammed together a few of Step 3 of the Bonnie Hunter mystery, Grand Illusion. I have so enjoyed putting my progress onto the Monday morning Linky Party!
You may click on any picture to enlarge it.

I'm loving the chance to use some of my beloved Civil War greens and neutrals!

Bonnie wants us to keep checking on our seam allowances, too, as we make the parts.

"Sew far, Sew good", as my friend Stacey would say! Here's the link to her online quilt shop.

I was pleased that my seams didn't wobble too much, LOL!

Yeay! the first ten are done!

I also did another Civil War reproductions Sunny Lanes block for the February 15th swap.

The other last minute venue was my calling up my girlfriend, Frances, and inviting her to go with me to The Rochester (New Hampshire) Opera House for the Strafford Wind Symphony Holiday Pops Concert. Frances said, yes!

Here you can see that the whole troupe had brought in their silliest Santa hats that they donned after the intermission. It was a wonderful concert, replete with even a few sing-a-long selections for us to join in the spirit of the evening.

Frances is a very special friend who recently came home to New Hampshire from Florida. On March 8th of this coming spring, she will be celebrating her 99th birthday. She is great company and I love her to pieces. We had a ball!

Yesterday morning was the last chance for a Studio Day at Ellen Peters' "Cat's Whiskers Studio" in Laconia, New Hampshire. Ellen helped me by loading the purple tumblers quilt on the big longarm for me to quilt it for Sue, from The Sunshine Club. Thanks, Ellen!

I quilted it with outlining each tumbler by using a modified zigzag pattern going across from side to side. By going down, across, up, then over, on each tumbler you can get three sides of one tumbler completed. The fourth, or bottom side, of the tumbler gets completed as you work on the next row down. The pattern alternates as you go.

After about two hours and 6 and a half passes, Sue's quilt was done!!!

For those of you, like Karen, of Nana Girl Quilts, who are contemplating using this method, here is a close up of my quilting on Sue's quilt.

This diagram that I made might be easier to comprehend; the first row is drawn in blue, the next in green.

 The arrows shown the direction of your stitching, and you just skip down to the next row on the edges of the quilt top to work back the other way on the next row.

Thank you for ignoring my water smudges, LOL! With very little practice, you'll find your rhythm. Try tracing the pattern in the air with your index finger! That will help to "train your brain" to the shapes to follow.

These chick-a-dees take turns with the bluejays at my feeder.

My bluejays are quite greedy but they startle at the flash of the camera. I often forget to turn it off.

Can you see the reddish color in the background? That is the rambling rose all covered with tiny rose hips that the cardinals do feed upon, but I never seem to catch them on film, LOL!

We sure are enjoying the bright sun after a rather dreary week last week!

Happy Sewing!


Karen said...

I'm intrigued by your quilting on the tumbler. I'm getting ready to do one, could you post a close up of the design? Your GI blocks are looking good.

Feathers in my Nest said...

Beautiful fabrics as Always....God Bless Dear Frances! She looks Wonderful!

Thank you for the chickadee/Bluejay pics....I just now put out a double batch of my suet cakes...and scattered some peanuts on the ground for the Bluejays & black squirrels..

Andee said...

Your mystery looks great!

Janet O. said...

Loving the greens!
I'll bet Frances is grateful for a special friend like you!!

Needled Mom said...

The Grand Illusion is looking wonderful.

99??? She looks fabulous.

Kathleen Wilson said...

As always, it looks like you are staying busy. Your green and neutrals look great. Congrats on the quilting, becoming a pro? Have a wonderful Christmas season.

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