Monday, December 22, 2014

Parties, Quilts, Stray Dogs, & Stray Blocks

Gracious what fun we had at the Friday Quilter's Christmas party! Everybody brought in pot luck food and the buffet was delicious!

Maureen was making more of her fish-shaped terrycloth hand towels, this time in bright yellow. And Beverly was making a quilt that I think was all minkee plush. It is so soft and pretty!

There was the cutest triangles quilt, too!

It's all sandwiched and pin-basted and ready for quilting.

Back at my house, the ironing board had collected chains of piecing that needed pressing. Is this a "pressing problem?" LOL!

After an hour, the tangle was all smoothed out and it looked like this: Ahhhhh, so much better!

The 4-Patches are not for the Bonnie Hunter mystery, Grand Illusion.
The little 4-patches are for my Civil War Sunny Lanes blocks for the swap in February, and the larger 4-patches are for the next regular swap in March.
While I was at The Golden Gese Quilt Shop on Friday, I did splurge on a couple of teal Fat Quarters for the mystery. These Kim Diehl designs were perfect!

I hope that one Moda pink is not too pale for the mystery. I just love it, so in it goes!!! My friend, Stacey sold me the pink wayyyy too long ago. Time to use it and not hoard it! Her shop is here.

The Holiday stress seems to be affecting the local pets around here. Felix and I are the Animal Control Officers for two towns, Gilmanton and Belmont, New Hampshire.
Yikes! We had a dog bite (dog bit owner accidentally during some rough tug-of-war play), a lost dog that was found who had been hit by a car, but was not too severely injured, a noisy nuisance barker, and a second "found" dog running loose, all in one weekend. Sheesh, calm down, everybody!

Only four units of Step 4, those "mirror images" got made by me, but I learned how to do them.

I did do the careful orientation of the little HST's and dropped them onto the yellow 2 ½ strip.

Then I sewed down the side of the strip to cut them apart later with scissors on the ironing board.

It worked well on the black strip, too.

Clip carefully, though! You don't want to create a crooked edge. Take your time.

I was so pleased that I had pressed the pieces correctly to get nesting seams that I forgot to spin them.

If you are just visiting here for the first time, there is a fun Monday Linky Party for you to visit to see other people's progress. Here is the link to Bonnie Hunter's blog.

Miss Emma Lynne was looking everywhere for her kitty friends yesterday.

Keepin' the feeders full for the blurs that are the chickadee guests, darting away at my presence.

Stay calm and quilt on!


cityquilter grace said...

whew...hope you get some down time from the dog rescue....great blocks and kim diehl has new stuff too...heritage hollow i think it

Janet O. said...

Ah, I see Grace is an enabler. : ) Kim's colors are great, aren't they? In her class she pointed out the she never does purple in her fabrics--it is always "plum". I found that interesting, loving purple the way I do. But I will settle for plum. : )
You are having quite the time, between your quilting and animal calls.
Merry Christmas!

helen said...

Love your color choices for the new BonnyHunterMystery!
Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Stacey said...

Merry Christmas Vic,

Your blog is such a bright spot! It's such a cheerful and friendly place to visit.


Vireya said...

Your mystery blocks are looking good!

Maureen said...

Lots going on! Love the fabrics you are using for the mystery. Wow! It's really coming along now. Animal control can't be an easy job. Hope you don't get calls on Christmas. Hope yours is Merry!

Feathers in my Nest said...

Hello Vic...hope Mr. Tipper & Miss Tanner come home for Christmas....I agree, that is a gorgeous'll look beautiful in your quilt...all your units look fabulous as always..

Have a light filled, peaceful Christmas Day with your Loved ones...enjoy.. Hugs & Kisses all around..

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