Thursday, December 11, 2014

Step Two And A Tennis-Ball Bath

So often, I forget to tune in when Bonnie K. Hunter is having her "Quilt-Cam" live broadcasts, that I was determined to catch it last night. The joke was on me when technical difficulties interfered with her live show and it was cancelled. But I was so psyched up for it that I tuned into the archived 12/1/14 issue and drew lines on these little squares. It was a ball!

The blacks and pinks are for the Double Diamond units in Step 2 of the Grand Illusion Mystery quilt on Bonnie's blog.

Today, I was able to get the last 20 units of my 100 units needed for Step 1 completed and pressed! Yippee!

The Step 2 units go more slowly but as of today, I'm up to 40 units done of the 100 that I need.

Clue 3 is due out tomorrow sometime, so I guess I hafta pick up the pace, LOL!

Felix and I have recently discovered that the TV has a  music station, 947, that is running traditional Christmas carols. We love to let it run for an hour or so as background music and sing along.

Miss Emma Lynne likes it when we sing and wags her tail and surreptitiously licks our faces.

She has a silly thing that she does that amuses us to no end. We call it "taking a tennis-ball bath."

She wriggles on top of several collected tennis balls on the futon and kicks and squirms, playing to her heart's content as we cheer her on. It is such fun to watch!

Enjoy the little things!

Happy sewing!


Feathers in my Nest said...

Hello Dear Vic..I listen to 94.7 FM on the radio..they play just Christmas, good Christmas music..the old stuff, Thank you..Yes, Miss Emma is a sweetie..such a good Girl..your Units look so good, the fabrics are gorgeous as always..stay warm & sew.

swooze said...

How endearing!

If you get a chance check out for an alternative way to do step 2"


Janet O. said...

I always love to see your versions of Bonnie's mystery quilts in the repro fabrics I love!
Oh, Miss Emma is very entertaining! : )

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