Saturday, December 6, 2014

Staying Warm & Dry

Although today's freezing rain and sleet kept me in, yesterday was only overcast. That let me enjoy a wonderful day with my friends at the Friday Quilters at the Golden Gese Quilt Shop in Concord, New Hampshire.
Maureen was making Infinity Scarves for everyone! Here she is pressing some fabric for her next creation.

I whined about wanting cotton instead of polyester, and the gracious Maureen set to making me this beauty! Thank you, Maureen, I love it! It makes any outfit Christmasy.

Bev got one too and showed the doubled look:

Bev's favorite rotary cutter went missing and never was found, so we hope it will be located. Remember your prayers to Saint Anthony, the patron saint of lost objects?

"Tony, Tony, look around, something's lost that must be found!"

Here's hoping that it will be recovered soon. Back at my house, I just had Felix put a new blade into my 60mm. I like recording the date of the change of blades on my sticker on the handle.

While I was there, at the Gese, I worked on hand hemming the binding on Celtic Solstice and so far, I've made it about halfway around the quilt. If we get some sun tomorrow, I am hoping to photograph it outdoors in natural light.

In the meantime, I continue to work on the newest mystery by Bonnie Hunter, Grand Illusion.

My step one progress was somewhat held up because I was awaiting the arrival of a packet from The Fat Quarter Shop with my constant yellow in it.

Hooray, it got here today!! I'm so antsy to get at it, that I might skip the prewash that I usually do to my new fabrics.

While I waited, I did a bunch more little four-patches for my Sunny Lanes in Civil War selections.

If you look carefully at the neutral fabric in the top right corner of the above photo, you can see that the print is for "hops" for making beer! Too cute! Click to enlarge it if you like.

Hope your day is going well and that you are sewing something fun!

Stay calm and quilt on!


Cathy said...

Yes, I do remember praying to St. Anthony a few times!

I like your suave scarf.

Now, about those Sunny Lanes four patches... I see you doing dark/light but directions don't say you have to do dark/light. Is that what you are expecting????? I was just going to mix it up with my cw scraps.

cityquilter grace said...

sunny lanes coming along those 4 patches!

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