Friday, October 11, 2013

Autumn Gifts

Today was mild and as I was on my way home from The Sunshine Girls quilting group at the Alton Senior Center, I took note of the subtle changes in our colors of the fall foliage as I drove. I apologize for the danged real estate broker's sign that mars the landscape, but it is a pretty view along Route 140 going west.

We are not getting as vivid colors this year due to a long period with no rain just before we started getting our first frosts.

The backyard is soft golds and russets but not those flaming scarlets and blazing oranges. Still, the air is mild during the day and quite chilly at night. Hooray for quilt weather at last!

In addition to those gifts from Mother Nature, I received a lovely blue bag of Birthday quilty loot from Grace yesterday. Just look!!!

AN IKEA LIGHT!!!!! WHOOHOO! It was imported from Maryland since New England has no Ikea stores. This is the same model that Bonnie K. Hunter has had such good luck with and that I've wanted one forever. It has the heavy pedestal base and I'll photograph it set up at my machine tomorrow, maybe.

And that lamp was wrapped in a carefully folded fat quarter and pinned shut. The FQ is the dark chocolate brown Civil War foulard. And what a beauty of a tiny flying geese potholder all done in Jo Morton's Spice Chest! The potholder is sitting on top of a full yard of a gorgeous creamy neutral in the newest Moda, Midwinter Reds! Yummmy!

The back of the potholder is in brights that say "Happy Birthday!" in a gloriously scrappy nine-patch.

Thank you so very much, Grace!!! The potholder is never gonna get used to lift pans. I have pinned it to the wallboard above my computer between the portraits of lady ancestors of mine in a place of great honor. But, Grace, you simply MUST sign it when next you visit.

From Janet came a mindbogglingly tiny Christmas tree ornament in a log cabin; my personal favorite! I tried to show it as I held it so that you could appreciate its daintiness.

 I think that it is all done in Kansas Troubles and I asked Janet to please sign the back of it for me and date it. Now why was I so stupid as to not have Grace sign hers at the same time, sheesh!?!

Thank you so much my very dear friend! This is a treasure.

And over at the Senior Center, we had some big news. Amy Braun, our beloved and energetic director, has accepted a new post one town away at an assisted living facility where her 90 year old father is currently living. It breaks our hearts to lose her, but we wish her all the best!
Here is my lunch table at the Center, where I changed my mind at the last minute and opted out of the fish or was it seafood salad wraps?

The wonderful quilt on the wall is by Dorinda, who volunteers in the kitchen often.

For those of you who are uncertain of the proper way to enjoy fall foliage, here is Raven's recommendation.

Leaf Bath, everybody!!!

As for the kittens, they preferred to bask on the cedar planks like lizards...

I did very little sewing today, just one Jacob's Ladder for that November swap. I think that one brings me up to ten done.

Happy sewing!


cityquilter grace said...

i am so glad you are pleased with the loot....

Liz said...

there is an Ikea in New Haven CT - it's a far piece down the road from you though. If you found yourself in the coastal area for something else, it would be worth a side trip

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