Saturday, October 12, 2013

Enjoying The Cocheco Show

The Cocheco Quilter's Guild actually meets in Dover, New Hampshire, but their annual show is held a bit north of Dover at the Rochester, New Hampshire Community Center.
I was there only briefly today as I needed get back home to pick up Matthew from his job at the Gilmanton Recycling Center at 1pm. So this is just a smattering of images that I enjoyed.

Above was Susan Chaplin's featured display.

You can click on any picture to zoom in on it.

When I walked in the door, I was greeted by Linda Monasky, of The Bear Paw Gallery, Alton, New Hampshire, and said hello as I was busy signing the guest book. Next, I ran into Margorie Garland from The Sunshine Girls at the Alton Senior Center. She posed for me beside a vendor's booth.

As I looked about, I was interested in how very differently the following two quilts came out, because they were both from the Cocheco Guild's mystery.

Now look at the other one.

I definitely see a Bonnie K. Hunter influence here! A combo of Sister's Choice and Scrappy Mountains' Majesties, maybe? They are both free patterns from Bonnie's website here. They  both looked great and yet were so different.

There was a Rectangle Wrangle from Bonnie's second book, "Scraps and Shirttails."

It was so well done that folks were drawn to it.

Then I spotted two "brights" quilts that appealed to me. The first one was featuring candy prints fabric in a churn dash pattern.

What a modern churn dash it was!

And at the complete other end of the row of quilts, was the other "bright" that I liked. They were both by the same gal, Ruth Swasey, and I hadn't realized that until writing this, LOL! I'm consistent.

What an effective block and alternate block scrappy design. Here it is up closer to enjoy the fabrics.

I think that each block's background neutral was different and scrappy, but some may have been repeated, not sure about that.

As I stood reading my program booklet, Shirley Mento bumped into me and gave me a big hug! She was there with all the gang from the Sew & Sews and we all said hello's and hugs.

By a special request of my dear friend and fabric-swapping buddy, Nann, in Illinois, I had hunted down the two quilts by her friend, Verdi Johnson. The link to Nann's blog is here. 

It was like being on a scavenger hunt at a quilt show, two of my favorite things to do! This is the first Verdi Johnson quilt, called "Weeds & Wildflowers."

What a clever way to re-invent Scrappy Trips Around the World!

The quilting is wonderfully viney and weedy!

The second Verdi Johnson quilt was a red/white/blue themed scrappy Trips blocks.

I love what she did with them!

Both the entries took ribbons; a third and a second. Nice work, Verdi!

I also photographed a trio of three different doll quilts all made by Gladi Porsche and quilted by her.

They were so sweet! Here is number two of the three.

I just felt that my small quilts friends would love these!

My personal favorite in the show had such a big crowd around it that I only got a detail of it with one block.

I loved that pumpkin cheddar that balanced the blues and indigos in all those lovely Civil War selections.

There was another quilt that also made my heart stop for a nano second and it was this one. I love that buckwheat tan with the blues!

And who could resist this Hunter's Star?

Matthew has been wheedling for a second quilt that is longer to cover his feet better. He has chosen blue as his color which made me truly study this beauty.

I have already collected some Indigo Crossing charm packs but I am still ruminating on a design. Of course, as a terrible stashbuster I had to buy some new fabrics from my favorite "Seasoned Saltbox" vendor, Cheryl Wentworth! But I made sure that they were blues.

The Seasoned Saltbox had a queue for the checkout!

I tried to be good, but the Devil made me buy 5 yards, LOL!!! Just kidding, I love my stash!

These displays just wowed me!

I got home to sullen stares from the poor abused creatures.

Tanner is in her sleeping box.

Stay calm and quilt on!


cityquilter grace said...

wpw looks like a really good show....thanks for the photos...just didn't have time to go this year....and are you buying civil war blues or just blues? inquiring minds.....

FeatherDuster said...

What a bunch of beautiful quilts. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. :-)

Auntie Em said...

What a talented bunch of quilters! I really like that blue and green brights quilt. What a great combination of blocks.

Nann said...

Thanks so much for making a special effort to find Verdi's quilts. I'm so happy to see that she got ribbons! The whole show provides opportunity for admiration, and inspiration, too.

Glady said...

Thanks for taking us along to the Cocheco Show. I enjoyed seeing the quilts. I will be posting soon about a sweet little show I recently attended in Beaver Falls,PA.

Helen in the UK said...

What a fantastic quilt show! Really like the two by Ruth and the unusual scrappy trips. Thanks for sharing :)

Tricia Audy said...

I miss those shows, I used to travel an hour to belong to tat group and they have the best shows! I miss all of the great people up there! Keep quilting!

Tricia Audy said...

I miss those shows, I used to travel an hour to belong to tat group and they have the best shows! I miss all of the great people up there! Keep quilting!

Muddling Through said...

What a wonderful show and beautiful quilts! Thank you for sharing such great pictures.

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