Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Forbidden Love

Due to my Husband Wonderful's allergies to cats but not dogs, the feral kittens that were born this May in my messy garage are not allowed into the house.
Tipper, the largest and boldest kitty decided to test that rule one day when the door blew open. So Raven was giving kitty-kisses  to Tipper while on her rumpled blankets beside me in the office.
Forbidden love!
Tipper has bonded to Raven ever since the mother cat disappeared and he follows Raven all about the fenced dogyard.
Over the weekend, we picked up what may be an abandoned dog who was found locally. As Animal Control Officers, Felix and I chose to bring this dog to the farm rather than to the shelter due to his very emaciated condition. We hope that his owner will call in to claim him, but if not, he will be adopted by a loving family. He sure likes the futon privileges with Raven!

Also, over the weekend, I completed an individual swap of some homespuns that were hanging around here for a nice bunch of Civil War pieces, most of them 1/4 yard or more. They are beautiful, Joyce, from Connecticut, and thank you!

I felt guilty that she sent me more than the 6 yards, I think, than I sent her, so I made up a couple of potholders and mailed them out to her.

Then, another package arrived that I was not expecting at all. A birthday box from my blogging/internet friend, Debra in Massachusetts filled with yummy fabrics. Wow, thank you, Debra!!!!

There were a dozen Civil War fat quarters and some 5" charms and a few die-cut applique hearts, too.
These are already in the washing machine to get them ready to use in The Farmer's Wife hand sewing project. Thank you so very much!!!

Lastly, I confess that I usually do NOT care for any kind of fish to eat. But my personal chef and partner in grime, Felix, came up with this recipe that is delicious!

 Fish Chez Felix

1. Make up a batch of Herb Stuffing on your stovetop.

2. Spray an oven-proof dish with cooking spray, place the raw flaky fish in it and pat the stuffing on top of it to cover the fish. We used 2 lbs of Haddock, but Pollack or Scrod would've been great also.

3. Pour a whole 15 ounce jar of creamy Alfredo sauce over the stuffing.

4. Mix some breadcrumbs with shredded mozzarella cheese and sprinkle very generously all over the top of the Alfredo sauce and garnish with parsley flakes.

5. Bake uncovered for about an hour at 350.

It was really good! We had some freshly steamed green beans on the side with a sprinkle of Parmesan cheese on them.

Bon appetite!


Elaine Adair said...

Lots to look at, read, enjoy, but I'm planning especially to try the fish recipe! We enjoy fish, but need some new ideas - thanks!

Janet O. said...

Love the dog and kitty together--and also the lost dog sharing with Raven. Raven must be a sweetheart to welcome all of these stray animals.
Looks like you have scored some great fabric lately.
That sounds like a tasty fish dish, Vic!

FeatherDuster said...

What a load of pretty fabrics! Lucky you.

"Lost Dog" looks very grateful for a comfy, warm place to sleep.

Helen in the UK said...

How sweet about Tipper & Raven. Your stray dog looks like he's got some Husky in him. Hope he either refinds his owner or gets another nice one. Glad he is comfy with your family in the meantime. Enjoy all your new fabric goodness :)

cityquilter grace said...

nice birthday loot there victoria....enjoy!

Debra Robinson said...

You, Felix & Raven have a special place in heaven for your Love of animals & each other. xxxooo. What a wonderful family you have Vic.

Are you going to join us in Celtic Solstice? Can't wait to see what you have planned! :-) We're getting cold temps here at night lately, time for another quilt!

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