Friday, October 18, 2013

Fearless Friday

Today I want to especially thank Grace in Maine for my absolutely wonderful IKEA lamp that she imported for me from Maryland, LOL! I say imported from there because as far as I know, there aren't any IKEAs in the north country of New England yet.

For some reason, my camera was refusing to flash, I expect low batteries and I will replace them. But you certainly can see that the lighting at the Senior Center is more geared up for dining ambiance rather than a quilting bee.
The gooseneck Ikea lamp puts that big pool of light right where I'm working as you can see. It's wonderful, and thank you, Grace!

The Alton Senior Center "Sunshine Girls" had fun today as we all enjoyed Pauline's progress on her Sunday School Crayon Quilt.

Each one of her blocks was made by coloring on muslin with regular crayons and then heat-setting the colors with an iron. She used scraps of gingham and indigo for the sashing, cornerstones and borders. Isn't it a sweetie???? She will finish it with a label and a little hanging sleeve to put up in one of the children's Sunday School teaching rooms at a local church.

Pauline is a busy lady! She also has been working with that strippy-style quilt-as-you-go idea that I had demonstrated to the Sunshine Girls a while back. Pauline adapted the idea by making each QAYG strip into a row of pieced squares, all placed strategically to make up a landscape.

It is a New Hampshire Sunset with the colors of the sky and the sun melting down into all the colors of the forests. She is still making design decisions about the binding and whether or not to try to add borders. I am awed by the creativity of all the gals in the group.

Margorie was there, but I didn't get her picture, so this one is of Sue as she works on a scrappy project.

We always have the best time laughing and talking and eating Hersey's Milk Chocolate Nuggets! I need to learn how much it might cost me to buy some Hersey's stock certificates, LOL! They are so popular. Well now, we can't be quilting without chocolate, can we? I think that's a rule, isn't it?

On the way home, my psyche insisted that I pull over and take these two snapshots. The cool October breezes were blowing the leaves about and bringing them down from the trees in great big yellow swirls.

Kinda makes ya wanna drink some fresh apple cider while it's still available, right?

And just across the road was this scene that always makes me think of the title of a book of poems that my sister had given to me, "Horses Make A Landscape More Beautiful," by Alice Walker.

Click on the picture to better see these three stablemates nodding off in the pleasant noonday sun.

And as for me, I am DETERMINED not to let my Orca Bay quilt continue to gather dust, literally, by hanging around in a basket under the cellar stairs. I got it out in the sun and brushed away every cobweb.

The poor quilt pieces were dying to be played with again!

Stay calm and quilt on!


Maureen said...

Sounds like a fun day. I love IKEA. There's one 20 minutes away from me. I'm glad it isn't closer. It is easy to buy things there that you don't need. Your Orca Bay parts look promising. Have fun with it. I guess it's almost time for Bonnie to do another mystery. She sets a fast pace.

Janet O. said...

Sounds like your birthday light is coming in handy!
I think Pauline is someone I would love to know.
Lovely shots of the golden glow of Fall!
Very pretty colors in your Orca Bay!

Debra Robinson said...

Hi Vic! Beautiful nature pics. Good luck with your Orca Bay, looks great so far.....Yesterday was my 1st day of the Massachusetts Shop Hop. Fell in Love with the shop "A Notion To Quilt" in Shelburne on the Mohawk Trail. Friendly, beautiful architecture, Lots of fabric...

cityquilter grace said...

oh vic, the foliage photos are is such a beautiful time...looks like you are enjoying yourself as usual...and orca bay? hurry up, new mystery info on the 23rd!

Debra Robinson said...

Are we ready to find out what the colors are?! I wonder if she'll tell us yardage as well, probably. This is such fun!

Beth in MN said...

Vic, the fall foliage is beautiful!! Enjoy because I may be sending "sn--" your way. LOL Notice, I did not actually say it. Those IKEA lamps are great. My daughter picked me up the one that clamps but I also want to get one like yours. Enjoy. Just keep plugging away on "Orca Bay"! Hey, it rhymes!

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