Saturday, October 5, 2013

Just Another Day

Don't looming deadlines just drive you crazy? They do me!

I'm hostessing a Red & White Quilter's Choice block swap over at Block_swappers yahoo group. If you are interested, you need to be a member of Yahoo and the link is here. Although the deadline is not until November 15th, I got antsy to get started, at least.

Now it looks like a Polish national flag got bombed in my Quilting Cave, LOL!

The block that I chose to make is the Buckeye Beauty Block from Marcia Hohn's Quilter's Cache. But her block is deliciously scrappy. The difference for mine is that we, in the swap,

These are huge 6 1/2 inch HST's for the 12 inch block.
are ONLY using red and white, so mine will be in those two colors.

Every block in the swap will be a 12 1/2" square to finish at 12" in the quilt. So far, I'm the ninth person to sign up for it.

Now, I believe that this particular block is the same pattern as "Jacob's Ladder". I'll be using two 6 1/2" HST's and two 6 1/2" four-patches (they were strip-pieced with 3 1/2" strips each of red and white).

The way it's supposed to be...

 The dream here is to get one each of every other quilter's choice so that when the swap is completed, you have an instant sampler quilt done in all reds and whites.

What's wrong with this picture? Hint: note the matching seam ripper!
After a wee mishap in my placement of the components on the first time I did this block, I resolved to pay more attention, LOL! But I did get four of my nine blocks done and was I was very pleased.

Here are three and the fourth one is now corrected and pinned to the wall in front of my sewing machine as a model! Check. Check. Double check.

By the way, if you have been admiring my VERY RED reds, they are all from the Moda line designed by Kathy Schmitz called Round Robin and came from my friends at The Quilted Frog located at Weir's Beach in Laconia, New Hampshire.


Yesterday I spent most of my time helping to set up the Boutique booth at my Belknap Mill Quilter's Guild quilt show.
It is truly amazing to see the show begin with a bare rented hall and a few tables holding stacks of folded quilts.

The transformation grows slowly through the many hours of back-breaking work of the all-volunteer hanging crews.

If you look hard enough, you might spot Matthew and my sister, Suzanne, who both came to help support me in my hobby.

The white wooden quilt racks all need to be brought out of storage and assembled.

The two-part bases interlock and most often need to be "coaxed" with a rubber mallet.

Then the uprights are fitted into the center slot.

Quilt sleeves, attached to the backing of the quilt by the quilt's maker, are carefully threaded through the 1" x 3" horizontal crossbars. Then the quilt is lifted into position and the crossbar placed into its grooves at the top of the uprights. It's tricky and well-trained volunteers are appreciated!

The quilts are carefully registered a month in advance of the show. They are checked in with written receipts given back to each quilter for each quilt. When the show is over, you must present your receipt.

In the back room of the Opechee Conference Center, where I was working, there were many more volunteers, laughing and chatting as we all worked.

Things sure do look jumbled whilst they are in the process of setting up our Penny Sale, the Guild Table and the Boutique, LOL!

We all worked hard but really had fun, too.

There were so many treasures to ogle!

I loved this little sweetie pictured below! By the way, I liked the quilt, too!

We even managed to get the half-broken old guild portable quilt rack to work to display the Sunday Rail Fence Raffle quilt! Life is all about the little miracles, isn't it?

I hope your day was productive, fun, and filled with mini-miracles, LOL!

Happy sewing


Janet O. said...

So much work, Vic! Now I understand why none of the guilds in my area try to do shows. Hope it is a very successful show!

audrey said...

Wow! Lots of work! Fascinating to see the behind the scenes!

Beth in MN said...

Hi Vic, Since we are in the process of holding our guild's quilt show (10/5-6), I know exactly how much work goes into them. Good for you and looks like a beautiful show!!

thecuriousquilter said...

So much work, but so much delight for all the people attending the show! You make it look easy. - Mary

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