Sunday, October 27, 2013


There is a good reason that I have been so very quiet for a few days. All week we were hoping and praying to be considered as the new adoptive home for a second black labrador. We have filled out paperwork and applications, taken Raven over to the shelter for a "meet & greet" introduction, paid hefty adoption fees (to my budget, $250 is a lot, but I know that some rescue agencies are even more), and spent lots of time being interviewed.

The Concord chapter of the SPCA

Raven in her red bandana during the meet & greet interview.

Hello to "Emma"

At last, the four year old spayed female named, "Emma" came home with us! She is delightful and just as sweet-tempered as Raven. I kept Raven in the red bandana and I put a light blue one on Emma.

The two dogs are getting along very well! I have taken Emma outdoors into the fenced dogyard on a leash only to ensure that she is polite to the 3 kittens. At first, she thought that she was supposed to chase them, so now we are doing some meet & greet with the kitties, too.
Emma must have come from a home that did not allow dogs up on the furniture because she is loathe to get up on the futon with Raven.

For now, I created a new bed for her over by the door that is rarely used and she fell right asleep, exhausted by all the new surroundings.

I love her to pieces already but I'm very careful to give Raven lots of extra pets so she doesn't feel displaced. Now I may need to read the 1815 Jane Austen book, "Emma,"  LOL!

Emma likes to follow me around the house and she can zip up and down the cellar stairs like lightening.
Speaking of going downstairs to my Quilt Cave in the cellar, do you remember that I had managed to misplace about 150 four-patches? I looked everywhere upstairs through all my stacks of rubble and no luck! I looked there because that was where I had last recalled seeing them.

Ahaah! I was too organized. I had placed them all into neat stacks inside plastic ziploc bags and put them into a basket right on the shelves DOWN CELLAR!!!!! Groan. Soon I'll be ready for the home, LOL!
Well, at least I found them, but I sure did feel foolish.

So having found them, I began working with them.

I am assembling them into the rows of a Fons & Porter scrappy throw called "Milky Way" that appeared in their June/July 2012 magazine. The units are very simple; 4 1/2" unfinished four-patches made from 2 1/2" strips or squares, and 4 1/2" HST's and a few plain 4 1/2" squares.

Now, doesn't that sound easy? Making the units was a snap. Ahhhhhhh, but assembling them into a tessellating design is quite tricky!
There are no instructions for assembling other than a referral to the diagram. Sigh. I posted the diagram on the wall in front of my machine and I need to squint at it to see it because it is so tiny and cramped. Ugh!

It goes incredibly slowly to make one 13 unit long row, and there are 17 rows to the center before the scrappy borders. But I'm making some steady progress and so far I'm able to do about 2 rows a day. It is important to join up a newly completed row onto the body of the quilt's center so that it can't get turned around or reversed!
Here are the seven rows that I have so far.

I just hope that my values of lights and darks are far enough apart so that the pattern reads well. I fear that those dreaded mediums will muddy things up!

So I leave you with one last picture of my beloved new "bookends," LOL!

Emma in blue; Raven in red.

 Happy sewing everybody!


Auntie Em said...

Aw, what a sweet pair of bookends! Welcome to Emma!

Love the new quilt you are working on.

Debra Robinson said...

Ooh! I'm in Love....She's so Beautiful. Her coat is Gorgeous & those eyes! Raven must be so happy to have a sister around. She sounds so well behaved too. I am Soo Happy for you & Felix. Good things come to those who wait...Kisses to everyone please.....I love all the colors in your quilt, coming along nicely. Your mediums look fine...

cityquilter grace said...

she is adorable! is she as friendly as raven? hope they get along famously! was wondering why no posts for a while...

Helen in the UK said...

What great news ... welcome Emma! I'm sure you'll soon all 'gel' into a wonderful family. Poor Emma must be feeling a little overwhelmed and unsure right now, but I bet she'll soon get the feel for her great new family. Hugs to everyone :)

Janet O. said...

How nice that the girls get along. And I'm sure you will soon be able to teach Emma some manners around the kitties.
Have you never read Emma? Do you like "bonnet fiction", as my friend calls it? I love the Jane Austen classics, but I know they are not everyone's cup of tea. This same friend to whom I refer likes books and movies that have big explosions in them. Needless to say, I don't borrow books from her and we don't go to movies together. *LOL*
Happy day! You found the lost! I love what you are creating, but I can see how it would be tedious to make sure everything is twisted the right way! : )

Nann said...

Welcome to Emma! She'll have a good home with you. Glad that Raven is accepting of another canine.

Your Milky Way is off to a good start. Are you using BlockSwappers' units? I think the hard part is making sure that the 4-patches stay oriented the correct way. It may not happen to you (ha!) but for me those pieces magically twist themselves around as I take them from the design wall to the sewing machine.

Kay said...

I'm so happy for you all! Emma looks like a real sweetheart. Can't wait to see your Milky Way finished. It looks great so far.

Elaine Adair said...

Your new addition is a beauty! Labs are such lovely creatures -- good for you. $250? to adopt a dog - Oh my gosh - and I was concerned about care costs - that would seem to eliminate anyone who could NOT care for a pet.

I don't think you are ready for "the home" ... LOL We all put our things in "special places so we don't forget where" and then promptly forget. My technique seems to be leave everything out in plain sight! LOL i.e., a mess.

J Barham said...

Wow! Such beautiful girls! Hope they have a good time together. I have raised my granddaughter's black lab for 7 years and I adore her. She has sure brought me lots of love.

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